Resource Center on Palestinian Cinema

This research project on Palestinian cinema started at the same time as Madrid Palestine Film Festival. Since the beginning of 2010 information about films and filmmakers as well as articles and bibliographic references have been collected. The purpose is to know Palestine through its cinema by offering a wide range of resources to anyone interested in this subject:

– A list of biofilmographies which includes 200 Palestinian filmmakers and nearly 1,000 pieces of work (films and video-art).
– A catalogue of Palestinian films about Palestine and their location in Spain (About 180 films, in Spanish or subtitled into Spanish, have been identified, 130 of them have been published in this site).
– An archive with more than 100 films screened at Madrid Palestine Film Festival 2010-2012.
Audiovisual resources in our youtube channel.
– Publications and other texts translated into Spanish.
– A selected bibliography with more than 100 references about Palestinian cinema.

The Resource Center on Palestinian Cinema is an on-going project. We welcome any comments to update this site. For any suggestion please write to us:


El Centro de Documentación sobre Cine Palestino starts collaborating with the Center for Palestine Studies, Columbia University in January 2013. New publication: Una cronología del cine palestino / A Chronology of Palestinian Cinema (1927-1999) y (2000-2012). This is a chronology that includes two periods: 1997-1999 and 2000-2012, nearly 1,000 Palestinian films (including video-art) made by Palestinian filmmakers/artists. This is an on-going research. Any information to improve it would be highly appreciated, especially comments/suggestions coming from Palestinian filmmakers to update their filmographies and help to correct any mistake.

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Hatem ALI


Nace en 1962 en Siria, de origen palestino. Ha trabajado como actor así como director de cine y televisión.


  • Los amantes (Al Oshak/The Lovers), Siria, 2004, ficción.
  • Pasión (Shaghaf/Passion), Siria, 2007, 22 min, ficción.
  • La larga noche (Al-layl al-taweel/The long night), Siria, 2009, 93 min, ficción.

Sawsan QAOUD


  • Madres (Mothers), Palestina, 2003, documental.
  • Dormitorio (Bedroom), Palestina, 2003, documental.
  • Compra tiempo en Jerusalén (Buy Time in Jerusalem), Palestina, 2004, 20 min, documental.
  • Mujeres y elecciones (Women and Elections), Palestina, 2006, documental.
  • Nazco enferma (I Born Ill), Palestina, 20 min, 2007, documental.
  • Una buena samaritana (A Good Samaritan), Palestina, 2009, 45 min, documental.
  • Mujeres en el estadio (Women in the Stadium), Palestina, 2011, 52 min, documental.



Nace en Beirut en 1971 y crece en Reino Unido. Es productora y directora con experiencia de trabajo mediático en las Naciones Unidas y el gobierno británico. Sus documentales han sido emitidos en la BBC, ARTE y Sundance.


  • Esperanza (Hope), EE.UU., 2006, 58 min, documental, codirigido con Jeffrey Saunders.
  • Sueños de una meta (Goal Dreams), Palestina/EE.UU., 2006, 84 min, documental, codirigido con Jeffrey Saunders.